Studying in Australia has many benefits including the opportunity of becoming a permanent resident. Applicants who wish to apply for Student Visas are assessed based on the country of their passport. As with Visitor visas, the Department of Immigration takes into consideration the situation in each country when setting their assessment levels for Student Visas.

Many people apply for student visas in the hope of becoming permanent Residence at a later stage however, after they have already made arrangements they realise that the course they have applied to study will not lead to it. It is extremely important to note that studying in Australia does not guarantee that you will be eligible for a Permanent Visa. After a student has complete studying in Australia they may be eligible to apply for a Skilled (Onshore) Visa which is points tested.

If you do wish to apply for a Skilled Visa after studying you should plan ahead, ensuring you meet all the requirements for the Skilled Visa.

International Student course fees are expensive and taking a risk of applying for a Student Visa without the right advice may prove to be very costly. Contact our experts for the right advice before lodging your application.