The Family Visa Stream allows for relatives of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residence to migrate to Australia.

The most common family visa application is the Partner Visas classes. These include Prospective Marriage Visas and Spouse Visas. It is important to note that not all these visas are permanent. The Prospective Marriage Visa is valid for 9 months from date of grant and the applicant must enter Australia and marry the sponsor within this time. Extending this visa is not allowed under any circumstance, so applicants must ensure that they will be able to marry within this period. Spouse Visas are granted, usually, on a provisional basis for the first 2 years after which the applicant must prove that they are still in a relationship with the Sponsor to be granted a Permanent Visa. There are exceptions to this rule however, only in very limited circumstances.

Some types of Family Visas are: –

  • Spouse or Partner
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Prospective Marriage
  • Remaining Relative
  • Adoption

If your family member does not fit into any of the family visa requirements they may be able to apply for a different type of visa. Contact our experts to discuss how we can help you share all Australia has to offer with the people you care about the most.